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From Italian National Research Council studies EQA assessment schemes for more than 160 analytes.

External Quality Assessment

External Quality Assessment Schemes in Laboratory Medicine (EQA or EQAS Schemes) aim to allow a retrospective comparison among determinations carried out in different laboratories. Participants to EQA Schemes obtain, through periodic results reports, useful information on analytical performances of different methods / kits used in measurements.

Control samples, in lyophilized format, are prepared from human serum matrix with a possible addition of human origin components, pure chemical substances, preservatives and stabilizers; sera are lyophilized to increase their stability. Production, packaging and shipment of samples are outsourced.

Check of samples homogeneity and stability is performed by the manufacturers of materials according to their own internal procedures in compliance with ISO 13528. The check showed samples homogeneity sufficient for EQA purposes. Stability of the material was sufficient for the length of the scheme.

Through the website reserved area of ​​ subscribers to EQA schemes can:

  • on-line input of tests results obtained from control samples;
  • check data correctness via e-mail receipt sent automatically by the system
  • consult on-line results reports, statistical elaborations and the evaluations of one’s own analytical performances;
  • receive via e-mail a customized results report in PDF format.

Laboratories can ask for information related to QualiMedLab/EQAS-CNR Control Schemes; for this reason a help desk is available from Monday to Friday (9.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.) at the following telephone number 050.315-2131/2132 or via e-mail at the address:

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