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ICQ Controls

Uno schema CQI innovativo per una valutazione in tempo reale della precisione e dell'accuratezza

Internal Quality Control

The Internal Quality Control allows the laboratory to a daily monitoring of its analytical performances and measurements repeatability. Traditionally, internal control is conceived as an exclusively private activity confined "within the walls of the laboratory".

Nowadays the new information technologies and the use of the Net instead make it possible to conceive the IQC in a new way that, to the private nature of the control, adds all the advantages deriving from the immediate sharing of information.

Our internal control schemes make use of the possibilities offered by new technologies to provide the laboratory with tools necessary to obtain maximum information in a simple and intuitive way and in times compatible with reporting.

All laboratories participating in our IQCs have the possibility to send their control data through the online software and to receive an evaluation of their measurements in real time.

IQC control samples are previously distributed in our EQA controls. This allows us to organize IQC schemes using samples already measured by various laboratories within their routine work and to have, therefore, the correct statistical estimates of target values ​​and measurements variability for each method.

Statistics make our IQC schemes well characterized concerning targets and related acceptability ranges, unlike the most common "commercial" internal control sera, whose target values ​​are often estimated starting from a small number of measurements.

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