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DFrom Italian National Research Council studies Products and services for Quality Control in Laboratory Medicine.

About us What is QualiMedLab?

The Clinical Physiology Institute of the Italian National Research Council (IFC-CNR) in Pisa has been taking care of quality and quality controls of immunoassays since 1980. This activity and, in particular, the development and management of External Quality Assessment Schemes (EQA) has been the target of CNR projects and has been dealt with in collaboration with other European Centers (ProBioQual, Centre Lyonnais d'études pour la Promotion de la Biologie et du controle de Qualité, Lyon; Analytical Unit of Cardiological Sciences St George's Hospital Medical School, Londra; Service de Radiopharmacie et Radioanalyse de l’Université, Lyon; Service de Biochemie, Centre Hospitalier, Chambery).

These collaborations, still active, allowed EQA evaluations to become internationally relevant and to increase results number and therefore their validity.

Taking into account the projects accomplished and the know-how acquired in the field, CNR promoted the spin-off QualiMedLab for the design and development of products and services for quality control in Laboratory Medicine. This company which has been set up, besides CNR, by researchers of the Center and other external partners, has been dealing with all research and service activities for quality control since 2007 in addition to EQA EQAS-CNR.

QualiMedlab, thanks to its corporate structure and agreements with the Institute of Clinical Physiology and "Gabriele Monasterio" Tuscany Foundation (FTGM, which took over from the Institute in conducting clinical biochemistry activities) continues to make use of the know-how developed in departments of Bioengineering and Medical Information Technology and Laboratory Medicine of IFC-CNR and represents the most suitable reference for the diffusion and growth of quality control culture in Italian laboratories.

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