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External Quality Assessment Schemes

From Italian National Research Council studies EQA assessment schemes for more than 160 analytes.

Internal Quality Control

A perfect match between quality sera and a software designed to optimize your everyday routine check.

What is QualiMedLab?

QualiMedLab Srl is a Spin-off formed by CNR (National Council for Researches) with the aim of developping and providing laboratories products and services for quality control of clinical tests.

The Company was born in 2006 from the know-how coming from research projects of Laboratory Medicine, Bioengineering and Medical Information Technology Dpts.- CNR Clinical Physiology Institute in Pisa.

To the activities of the Spin-off located in the Research Area in Pisa, CNR Institute and Tuscany Foundation “Gabriele Monasterio” (FTGM) are also collaborating.

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CNR Research Area, via G. Moruzzi, 1 · 56124 Pisa
Polo Tecnologico Pont-Tech, viale R. Piaggio, 32 · 56025 Pontedera (PI)
Operative Site Genoa, via Rio Torbido 39 · 16165 Genoa
Registered Office, via G. Adamoli 441 · 16165 Genoa


Phone: 050.3152131-132
Fax: 050.3153454

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